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New Hampshire Private Investigator Bond (NH PI Bond)

Call Ameribonds® Surety if you need a NH Private Investigator Bond to be licensed as a PI in New Hampshire.  The NH PI Bond is a two-year surety bond for $50,000, required by the NH Division of State Police, Department of Safety. 

The NH PI bond is a guarantee to the New Hampshire government that the bonded Private Investigator shall conduct his or her business in a lawful and honest manner.

Ameribonds provides this bond for as low as $437.50 for the two-year term required. This type of bond requires a credit check, so feel free inquire about rates for those whose credit is challenged.

For more information about New Hampshire Private Investigator bonding requirements, you may call our experienced agents at (618) 242-7800 or toll free (800) 995-0997. You may also visit New Hampshire’s state website