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Mortgage Broker Surety Bonds

Ameribonds® Surety wants to be your “go to” insurance agency for mortgage broker bonds Nationwide.  We have been a leader in providing these types of bonds for many years.  We are well aware of requirements in all States.  Since mortgage broker bonds are underwritten very carefully, it is important that you use an agency that can quickly determine where best to place your bond, without shopping excessively, thereby adversely affecting your credit.

Mortgage broker bonds are required by most States and the requirements are determined by the State in which you are being licensed.  These bonds go by several different names such as lender bonds, residential loan bonds, and mortgage company bonds.

A mortgage broker works to facilitate a loan between borrowers and lenders. A mortgage broker can work either with a firm or may work independently. Mortgage brokers assist borrowers in finding mortgage loans. Usually, a mortgage broker will attempt to match the right lender with the right borrower. Brokers are generally well equipped to assist borrowers with special needs, like credit issues.

Mortgage broker bonds are usually required before a mortgage broker license will be issued by the State. Mortgage broker bonds protect consumers against unlawful acts made by a mortgage company or loan officer, although the laws and bond form requirements for this type of bond vary by State.

Ameribonds Surety can assist you with a wide variety of bonding requirements. A common request is lien bonds to enable a title company transfer ownership in a property, or mobile home title bond.  Our staff is familiar with the bond you need and will provide it affordably and on the bond form that is required. 

Please contact us with any questions you may have.  Our phone number is (800) 995-0997.  You are also invited to complete a secure online application, or download an application to fax or email to our agency for a free quote. 

Thank you.  We appreciate having the opportunity to serve with all of your bonding needs.