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Kentucky Adjuster Bonds

Ameribonds® provides the Kentucky adjuster bond fast, and at the best rate available.  Kentucky Adjuster bond information is helpful when the State has informed you that you cannot be licensed as an adjuster until you get a surety bond. Ameribonds provides the $1,000 Kentucky adjuster bond for $87.50 per year based on a two-year rate. The Kentucky adjuster bond is often referred to as the 99-3 form. We also offer many other types of adjuster bonds, including public adjuster bonds and insurance adjuster bonds Nationwide. 

Adjusters plan and schedule the work required to process an insurance claim. They might handle an insurance claim filed after an automobile accident or after a storm damages a insured’s home. Adjusters investigate claims by conducting interviews, consulting official and medical records, and inspecting property damage to determine liability. Adjusters may consult with other professionals who can offer a more expert evaluation of a claim. The information gathered is reported and then used to evaluate the claim.

Some states require this bond, which guarantees that the licensee will comply with the provisions of the state’s laws and statutes, and conduct business under the license in accordance to and abide by all rules and regulations of the Obligee (the entity within that state requiring the bond). Some states require public adjuster bonds, or insurance adjuster bonds, or independent adjuster bonds.

Ameribonds Surety can assist you with a wide variety of bonding requirements. Our staff is familiar with the bond you need and will provide it affordably, and on the bond form that is required. We invite you to complete our online application, or you may call or email us for more information about the KY adjuster bond.

You may apply for a Kentucky adjuster bond securely online, or download an application to complete and fax or email to our agency for processing.  Also feel free to call us with any questions or concerns.  Our phone number is (800) 995-0997.

Thank you.  We appreciate your business.