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Indiana Mortgage Lending Bonds

An IN Mortgage Lending Surety Bond is required by the Indiana Department of Financial Institutions. The Indiana Mortgage Lending Bond for $100,000 is required for any non-exempt lender regularly engaged in making first lien mortgage transactions in Indiana in their own name with their own funds or line of credit (First Lien Mortgage Lending License), and for entities applying for a Subordinate Lien Mortgage Lending license.

The Indiana Mortgage Lending Surety Bond Form FLML&SLML B must be executed by a surety company authorized to issue bonds for the State of Indiana.  If licensees are applying for both First Lien Mortgage Lending and the Subordinate Lien Mortgage Lending licenses, only one $100,000 Mortgage Lending Bond is required.

Ameribonds Surety can provide you with the bond you need, regardless of credit. For information on how to apply for your IN Mortgage Lending Bond, please call (618) 242-7800 or (800) 995-0997, or submit an online or downloadable application.

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