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California Immigration Consultant Surety Bond

Ameribonds®  provides the California Immigration Consultant Surety Bond for a very affordable rate as low as $900 for two years.

California requires that individuals who prepare immigration paperwork for the public maintain a $50,000, two-year Immigration Consultant Bond.  This surety bond is designed to protect customers against financial loss caused by actions of the immigration consultant who is preparing their paperwork.  The bond is filed with the California Secretary of State.  The Secretary of State oversees the immigration consultants in California. 

The California Immigration Consultant Bond does not replace Errors and Omissions Insurance that should be maintained to protect the immigration consultant, but is designed for the protection of the public.  According to the terms outlined in the prescribed bond form, an immigration consultant must abide by the laws governing such activities in California. 

Because of the higher amount of the Immigration Consultant Bond ($50,000), and the very nature of the work being performed as an immigration consultant, the bond requires a credit check for approval and the cost will be higher than it would be for a $25,000, two-year California Legal Document Assistant Bond, or Unlawful Detainer Assistant Bond.

For more information about obtaining this bond, please call (800) 995-0997.